Liin Nur


Liin Nur

MDes, Strategic Foresight and Innovation (2020)

Researcher, Strategist, Futurist

Liin Nur is a human-centered researcher, strategist, and futurist with roots in government work and academic research. She holds a master’s degree in Strategic Foresight and Innovation from OCAD University, an undergraduate degree in Health Studies from the University of Waterloo, and a post-graduate certificate in Global Health Policy from the University of Edinburgh. Liin has been thinking about futures – who imagines them, what they look like, what they reveal – for a very long time. Through her major research project, Liin has started to imagine new, culturally-informed ways to envision futures in hopes that this decolonized approach will lead to inclusive futures for all. A strong believer in the power of the collective, Liin strives to empower others and work towards designing solutions for the good of all in society. 


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