Ehiko Odeh


Ehiko Odeh

BFA, Drawing and Painting (2020)


Ehiko Odeh, is a multidisciplinary Nigerian artist based in Toronto. The principal subject matter explored in Ehiko’s work is Decolonization, unraveling spirituality linked to traditional Afrikan masks, sexual violence and representation & perception of Black hair.

Ehiko loves to experiment & manipulate raw canvas. Most of her pieces are done on raw canvas due to its flexibility & texture…its less restricting. Her artistic style is characterized through an expressive pallet, and the use of a variety of textiles. Ehiko emulates the traditional Nigerian practice of craftsmanship through her multi-medium paintings, performances, drawings, and installations. Ehiko’s use of diverse mediums is a result of a belief that “Nigerian art”, cannot be interpreted through one form, but rather a range of artistic expression.

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