Priscilla McIntosh


Priscilla McIntosh

BDes, Environmental Design (2020)


Priscilla McIntosh is a first generation Canadian born to two Trinidadian Parents, an aspiring Architect and a young Black woman. She draws her motivation from God, the creativity of her family, and the many cultures she interacts with in her day-to-day life. She consistently finds herself questioning the worlds of classism, racism and sexism in the urban realm. Her belief is that to be a designer, is to be a questioner and maker of these worlds. As David Harvey states, she claims the “right to the city is a civil right like any other” and “to create the city is to create oneself”. She sees design as a vehicle for the 3-dimensional indicator of change in these worlds. Like Harvey, she sees the city as an ultimate microcosm for these changes to be born.


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